These Google Programs can strengthen your future

Google is commonly known as the world's largest search engine. But do you know that this company also runs many programs that can help students of the whole world to prepare themselves for the job market by improving their skills and also get many helps to learn new skills can do? In fact, Google organizes many programs, scholarships, events and competitions that are proving to help strengthen their future for students of different parts of the world. If you also want to be a part of these Google Programs, it will be important for you to know about them.

These Google Programs can strengthen your future, Bishisoft

# Google Programs for Scholarships and Travel Grants

If you are interested in creating a career in the field of technology, then Google offers a variety of scholarships and grants for you. With the help of these, you can not only get financial help to study from the world's finest universities but can also keep yourself ahead of others in the job market. In the scholarships given by Google, Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship and Women Techmaker Scholars Program are two major programs that encourage Indian students to move forward in the field of Computer Science. Apart from this, Google also offers conference and travel scholarships across the world, with the help of which you can participate in the country's largest conference. Gives the award to students of India from 1,000 to 3000 US dollars for the Google conference registration, travel, stay and other expenses.

# Google Programs for Business and Technical Internships

Under this program Google gives you the opportunity to work and learn in different parts of the world. Here, you can take advantage of internships coming from different backgrounds, from business to engineering and technology. Through these internships, students can learn many new skills, from increasing business to leading users, or from software engineering to better user experience.

# India Outreach Google Programs

Google offers these programs to help students and faculty for World Class Research in Computer Science and related fields.
  • Students Travel Grants Program: Support is given to those students whose research paper has been approved in the top-level international conferences.
  • Faculty Research Awards Program: Funding is done for world-class technical research in areas like Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Global PhD Fellowship Program: Under this, Google helps in providing best graduate students in computer science and related fields.
Link for Google Programs:-

# Google Events

From campus visits to conferences, symposiums and networking, Google not only organizes such events, but also includes them. Some of these are special events-
  • Online Marketing Challenge: As a student here, you learn to create strategies for marketing Google Ed Grants Program and to conduct their AdWords campaign.
  • Google Students YouTube Live Playlists: Through this platform, you can experience live events on the YouTube channel named @GoogleStudents and also see Google's Rolls and Hearing Sessions.
  • Campus Events: Google offers visitors, visit the hundreds of universities worldwide, attend career fairs and meet with students. You can also access Google's visit to your college / university and also ask for a Google widget.
  • Tech Challenge: Through this challenge Google Computer brings fun competitions for science and engineering students, through which students can learn logical thinking, collaboration and on the spot coding, besides Google's culture.
You can check all the Google Events here:-

# Coding Competitions by Google

For those who love coding, Google organizes many types of competitions. Some of these are key names-
  • Google Hash Code: This is a Team Programming Competition where you can get help from your team and programming language to find solutions to engineering problems.
  • Google Code Jam: In this competition you will have to go through several rounds of algorithmic puzzles, as well as give a test of your skills for the title of 'jam champ' and $ 15,000.
  • Google Kick start: If you are a student and participating for the first time in the coding competition, then in kick start you will get the chance to use your coding skills in algorithmic puzzles. If you wish, you can take part in one round or play all the rounds. Registration for this can be done by November 17, 2019.
Link for Google Coding Competitions:-

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