7 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Phone

7 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Smartphone, Bishisoft

We all have to buy new phones whenever it requires. For some people, that means upgrading yearly to the latest new phone on the market. Others are those people who wait until their gets lost, broken or so old that it is too slow to do just about anything.

Just like buying other devices, there are lots of mistakes you can make. Here are 7 biggest mistakes people make when buying a new phone.

Everyday new phones are being launched in the market with new brands and features. Of these, it is a big task to buy a great phone for yourself. In such a way, people often make these mistakes when buying a phone with less than Rs.10,000. If you are going to buy a new phone for yourself and your budget is less than ten thousand then be sure to keep these things before buying a phone.

1. Buying a phone having low resolution display

If you do not like a phone with a very large screen, then you can take a phone up to five inches. They are easy to catch and display quality also looks right. Nowadays apps and videos are built on a larger screen. In such a situation, the video does not appear in good quality on the small screen. Also smaller screen gaming is also not good for. Good phones with 5 inches or higher display in the range of ten thousand are unavailable in the market. Check Top 4 budget smartphones

2. Buying a phone with 1 GB or less RAM

For gaming and fast processing, the phone must have at least 2 GB of RAM. Many companies are rolling out in the smartphone market with 2 and 3 GB RAM in less than 10 thousand. They come with 2 GB RAM, quadcore processor or 2 GB RAM octacore processor.

3. Buying a phone with 5 megapixels or less rear camera

Smartphones with 5 megapixels or less rear cameras only support 2592x1944 resolutions. This means 72 pixels at the inch, which is too low for the photo. Nowadays, a budget of Rs 10,000 will come with good phones with 13 megapixel rear camera which can prove to be good options for you. Check this awesome smartphone with great camera Samsung Galaxy M40 with infinity O display

4. Buying a phone with low battery back-up

Before buying the phone, read the features of the phone given on the box thoroughly.
If the battery life of the phone on the 3G network is not 11-12 hours then do not buy these phones. What is the benefit of purchasing such a phone which does not last a day even on a single charge? There are many smartphones in less than ten thousand rupees, which give good battery backup and also come with battery sawing feature and quick charging support. Better looking for a charging point is to take a phone with a good battery backup.

5. Do not buy phone with battery heating problem

Always read his review before buying a smartphone. See also the company's page, no user has recorded any complaint about the handset. Doing this will save you from getting a bad handset. It is difficult to hold the phone in hand when the battery is heated. In such a phone, users cannot play games for long. Also, its performance is also slow.

6. Buying a phone without display protection

The phone has a protection of Gorilla Glass 2/3. If you are taking a budget phone then get the information about the display protection of the phone correctly. Nowadays many companies also guarantee display replacement within 1 year. Without display protection, the phone's screen cannot last long. This becomes more important when the user uses a lot of ruffle in his phone.

7. Buying a phone launched over 1-2 years old

Many companies launch budget smartphones every month. To attract users, low budget offers new and work features in the phone too. In such a situation, buying a smartphone launched 1-2 years old may not be a good option. Do a little research before buying a phone and then buy a smartphone.
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